Teliti International is Malaysia's premier IT services company. With almost two decades of experience, Teliti has established itself as the trusted partner to a host of blue chip and government organisations.

We provide solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the operational efficiency of our clients.

From our headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, one of the foremost business hubs in South East Asia, we are currently expanding operations to engage with key international markets, including the ASEAN region and the Middle East.

In Malay, Teliti means "meticulous and skillful". It is the watchword at the core of everything we do and the philosophy of each of our 200 members of staff.


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World Class Data Centre Solutions


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Data Centre


Your data is priceless.

It is the lifeblood of your business. Your credibility and the trust of your customers depends on your ability to manage their information in a secure environment. But in these economically difficult times, the cost of a data centre partner has to be right. What about environmental considerations? Data centres are notoriously energy intensive. And in this global village, which country offers the best choice?

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